It's just a portrait of her that I now behold,

To remind of several meetings that slowly unfold.


There is laughter with a glimmer of mischief on her precious face,

As if the pearls of happiness of my company wish to coalesce.


She hesitatingly told me that she never laughed like this before,

I can only possibly imagine her words as being from the folklore.


I regret having made her cry for things I should have been,

She may never have mentioned it but it was never unseen.


I never could see her more burdened and saddened by my existence,

A matter of her nuptial and harmonic subsistence.


I therefore left this beautiful road that her laughter once endowed,

So that she would not think of me and fly free above the crowd.


Consequence of my actions I no longer am a prose in her life's bard,

And she hates me even worse than the painful evil shard.


I too have borne the same pain in my bosom ever since,

While she smilingly got tied to the charming Prince.


I can only hope that she has in her life multiplied happiness manifold, 


For it's just a portrait of her that I now behold......

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