Saffron Fades Away

Amidst the many tears shines a pearl in the moon light,

Somewhere in the decoction of fears hovers a hope bright.

Her every step echoes the memoirs of past,

Which can be heard easily over the crackers blast.

As she takes the first step away from her old world,

The images of her relations appear before her totally blurred.

The bearers alone can hear her sob,

They too know that the world for her from now is a cob.

As her procession moves along with the bands,

She looks up at the stars and then at her saffron hands...

Thinking whether the sky will be same,

When her name would no longer be her name...

And then she silently perplexed enters her new identity,

And she now realises that she deserves no priority.

She realises that her family is everything and that she can't sway.


And gradually the saffron fades away...............