My Grandpa´s Hat and Boots

In 2010 a hat and a pair of boots gained a new owner. They were the signature look of a tall and lean man. They were from my grandpa, a true cowboy by all means. You would think that the boots and the hat were only used for the work at the farm but he would wear them everywhere. By everywhere I mean day to day, family reunions, parties, work, and even Christmas and new year’s eve. He was a very stubborn man and changing his hat and boots wasn´t an option. He didn´t really cared about dress codes, everyone knew what he was going to wear. I think he was very determined in making clear that was his style. But it doesn´t end there, we are still missing some elements to the look, a bottom up shirt, a pair of blue jeans that were always too big for him and had been used way too many times, throw a hat and a pair of old boots and the look is complete. As you can see, finding him gifts wasn´t very difficult, you knew exactly what to give him and you knew he would wear it all the time. I always picture my grandpa sitting in his backyard smoking a cigarette with his hat and old boots. No one really remembers what his hair looked like because he was always wearing his big white hat. And like they say like father like son, you can find my father wearing almost the same thing most of the time, he just gives it a twist with some baseball caps. My dad is the new owner of this very special hat and boots. It´s been 7 years since my grandpa passed away and the hat and boots are still alive.  Even thought they were bought a long time ago, they are in very good shape. My dad wears them from time to time. He says that he will wear the hat and boots until he is incapable of walking with those boots and the hat has holes in it. I think is truly magical how a hat and a pair of boots can bring you so many memories and remind you some much of a person. You can´t keep a person forever, but the hat and boots is a little piece that my dad can kip from my grandpa.


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