The Old Woman, She Liked To Drink

Unpublished pieces

The old woman.
She liked to drink.

It helped her create a
brand new identify for herself.
She lived in a world of
mixed alliances; cultures clashing
Love and respect lacking.
Arguments and shouting.
Suffering and despair,
so she liked to drink.
The old woman.
It created a brand new
sense of purpose, of suicides
attempted late a night.
Of holiday wars with family joy.
Dissension, crying children.

The old woman.
She liked to drink.

Silent witness to another
frame of disease. Her compulsion
dominating her existence.
Neglected and neglecting,
suppressing and suppressed.
The need to drink larger
than the need for stability.
Her focus centred
on escapism, on rejection.

The old woman.
She likes to drink.

She died, the old woman,
before she retired.
In a hospital bed with
delusions in her
mind. Her path
set years before. Her
anguish ended, finalized.
Another credit to the
addicted cult.

The old woman.
She liked to drink.

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