Red Poppies Stuck Like Glue On Everybody's Coats

Unpublished pieces

Red poppies stuck like glue
on everybody's coats.
"Remember our veterans", they cry.
"They died for our freedom" screams
reactionary morons who
ignore that "they"
murdered other people.
"Ah, but it's not murder if it's done by
no mind drones on our side!"
they explain.
Honour our soldiers?
So I'm to celebrate men killing
other men?
Not I. I refuse to shout praises for
champions of death.
Where is the shame of these
people who participated
in such evil?
Guns and bombs do not bring peace.
War does not bring freedom.
No. These I refuse to worship.
Instead, I voice my support for
those who speak and live
against war.
There is no such thing as a good soldier.
Either side, the thinking is flawed.
Propaganda may erase
the truth from
red poppy filled eyes,
but these are not people to respect.
If you kill, you are a murderer.
If you destroy you are wrong.
Uniforms do not make right or wrong.
Singing silly warrior chants do
not speak of courage.
Senseless sheep who have allowed themselves
to be conned into thinking
that theatres of death
are to be
remembered forever.
Instead, we should be ashamed of the
wars we engaged in.
This is not how God commanded us to live.
No mention in the teachings of Christ
that suggested
killing one another
was to be
"But they fought for your freedom!", the mind dead masses
insist on believing.
What nonsense, I think. They fought for greed
and corporate profit.
Duped into killing and dying by men who stay at
home and make
valiant speeches
bravery and honour.
Stitching flags to present to widows and mothers, almost
delirious as they salivate over the
money they will make
from the adventure.
So please, don't wave your red poppies
in my face as if God had
painted them on your chests.
I am ashamed of anyone in my family
who allowed themselves to
conned into marching to destruction.
I am ashamed of my country when it participates in war.
Peace does not arrive at the hands of violence.
Red poppies stuck like glue
on everybody's coats.

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