Sodomize Me If You Must

Unpublished pieces

Sodomize me if you must.
Drive any number of nails into
                                                       my skin.
Insist and demand as loudly as
                                                     it suits you.
Still after all that,
                        I'm going to wear
                                       whatever costume
                                                      I desire.
Yet I've never been me.
Not really.
Always we are shadows
                          submerging any 
                                         light-bulb we
                                                  truly are.
Songs are sung and heroes are manifested.
Skipping vicars giggling
                                          like little girls
are hob-nobbing with the
                             pagans down the street.
They prance like dizzy herbs
                              in a psychotic reaction.
Pretend. Pretence. Predisposition.
Each as meaningful as the other.
Sodomize me if you must.
When you feel I'm not co-operating
                                     with the deception.    
You can genuflect and
                                     stress your vowels.
You can dress up like
                                        psychological vampires
and throw terms around
                                that make you sound
Still I'll carefully select every option
                                       that propels me to
                                                      being as me
                                                     as I want to be.


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