We Are Blue Below The Slime

Unpublished pieces

Weird and damp about the clouds,
We lick sexy fragments about the mud.
Awaken, awaken! The Fool has fled.
Totally musty after the rain.
I eat sinning children on the land.
I colour in black and white pictures
with electro-magnetic sand.
Be transparent. The Knight shall flee
and he will arrive at no set time.

We are blue below the slime.

Can you dig it? The feeling is hard
as licking postage stamps with ice.
Darkening thirsty rosary beads
are collecting near the fireplace.
They are not understanding 
the green shallow sun in the sky.
The majesty of kingdoms
reflected in the yellowing pages
of a book.

In whose eyes 
the traveller 
asking his way 
must be in
knowledge that
all things in life
taking a chance.

We are blue below the slime


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