Unpublished pieces

I stood on the shore of the lake watching 
the boats in the distance. Sails set proud

against the background of the sky. Oh, how
I wish I was on one of them. If I was I would

let myself sail through the lakes and rivers
until I reached the sea. I would wander out

into the salted water, happy to be away from
the dirt of the shore.Lazily I would sail as far

as I could go. Maybe I would even make it
to the south, where sunshine always seems to

shine. How sweet it would be to lie on the
sand of some distant beach, drinking sweet

drinks with fruit inside. I would pretend that
the shore I left had never existed and I would

act as if I was a native to the land. But sailboats
do not reach distant shores. They are not made

to travel the deep seas. If indeed I attempted
to make the escape, surely my route would be

interrupted by my drowning. Too bad. But in
truth I am already drowning and yet I have

not left the land. How strange to be in under
the water when I stand at the shore and watch.

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