Only In A Moonbeam

Unpublished pieces

As the sparrow flies, well so too
do the demons prowl angry at
the lemonade left in their minds.
Bitter taste and lurking stance
combine in one elaborate
piece of paper.
The artist hastily engages
himself to paint the
portrait that he feels needs
to be represented.
Digging goes on
and never stops.
Digging begins
and never ends.

Loosely defined packages
of cigarettes were strewn
about the floor. Fish
aren't biting, they
never do anymore.
And the digging continues
and does not arrive.
The digging insists
it has a right to be.

Promises were made and
promises were chocked.
Sonnets written that would
never be read by any level
of anticipation.

Monday night and every
shop is closed but for the
one with the gemstone hidden
in the window.
Everybody was around and
yet they did not see the jewel.
Fresh fruit may spoil if it
is not eaten in a flash.
The dying defines
itself as important.
The breathing stops

only in a moonbeam.

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