Solitary Strangers

Unpublished pieces

Already I am in mourning. 
Clocking the memories we had 
into a box. 

I will keep them inside 
and never re-open them. 

To do so breaks my heart already. 
I am already suffering 
as if you have already gone. 

My heart flips into a thousand 
different pieces. 

Like glass, I see through 
the perspectives we had. 

Where will you go when we are gone? 

Already you are never coming back. 

You kill me softly with your distance, 
your sense of being who you are. 

Which doesn't include me 
Which doesn't exclude me. 

Either way, we are talking together 
as if we were already strangers. 

Already I awake to find that you 
are empty in the bed beside me. 

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