You Can Save Me

Unpublished pieces

I am alone. 
We are together. 

Your imprint stays in my mind. 
Lying here with 
the pure savage memory 
of passion 
of desire 
of strangling you 
with my eagerness 
you breathed fire back at me 

insane gyrations 
of flesh caught in flesh 
I am amazed at 
feeling this way 
at breathing this way 
at slipping so far into your 
being that I think I 
lost track of me 



Visions of lights dangling 
from your eyes as you 
set my flesh 
blazing in 
a river of lava 
so strong it destroyed 
my desire 
to resist you 

Even now 
after you have fled 
the scene of your crime 
I think of you 
I'd welcome you back 
I'd surrender to you 

by your scent 
by your skin 
by your growing 
control over me 

I am lost. 
You can save me.

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