Yet Remembering

Unpublished pieces


I have finished with your body.

It becomes a new territory
I am not permitted to explore.

The swishing of the rain captures
my attention; I bask in its
wetness, in its forgetting.

Yet remembering.

A dash of salt on an apple.
A bit of soy sauce on the fish.

Gestures of life and silence.

The press of the pen upon paper.

I am without ability to shape the
desire that once consumed, the
roped knots that held promise.

The spices that added
meaning to my life.

I trace my finger in the dust
on the table. A world vanishes
under my hands. Streaks of
brokenness, of curling lips
hurtling venom.

I caress the flowers that I
planted in the spring. Now they
bloom in ever amazing vibrancy.

And then you appear beside me.
The flesh does not recognize
the flesh. The mind does not
appreciate the thinking.

So we embrace our darkness, 
our forgetting.

Yet remembering to share
a discussion on the
dissolving, the rejecting.

I have finished with your body.

I give it back to you. It is not
mine to love anymore 

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