Dripping Tap

Unpublished pieces


Dripping tap.
Slipping on glass,
cutting of feet.
Blood all over the floor.
It awakens the animal in me.
Kneeling down so that I can lick it,
taste it, embrace it.
Blood of life, flowing out of me.
Red symbol of existence.
I ask the sun to go away.
Do not shine in my window.
Let me alone.
Let me be.
Dripping tap.
It is driving me mad.
Sanity a shade of reality
I am not able to understand.
The falling leaves outside the window
alarm my understanding of life.
Understanding only that I
do not understand,
my world,
my space.
Dripping tap.
I let the puss flow from my feet.
I have cleaned the floor with my tongue.
Photographs of pictures hanging in a museum.
Shadows of nothing created by no-one.
Dripping tap.
It hurts my brain.
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