Naked In The Snow

Unpublished pieces

You had me stand naked in the snow. 
Then you undressed my soul 
as if it was a paper plate 
that you could rip up and 
throw into the garbage. 
I shivered in the cold, 
aware that every fibre of me 
was afraid of the words you 
could growl out so easily. 
You laughed at how uncomfortable 
I was. 
This was magic to you. 
A memory you would grasp and 
hold forever in your hands. 
Delightfully you wet your lips, 
hoping to see the green garbage bag 
encircle me in your version of trash. 
I trembled a little bit, 
thinking that the demons in your eyes 
were like the glittering diamonds 
in the ring I once bought for you. 
You had me stand naked in the snow. 
Every fault exposed and ready for 
somehow the perception of me 
had shifted for you. 
Now your goal was denial of any good, 
enjoying the death of my trust 
in what we represented to one another. 
You had me stand naked in the snow, 
turning blue. 
I knew we had died.

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