Not Ever

Unpublished pieces

Cigarette burns if put on skin. It shackles me.
Fermenting inside. Arching. Rollicking.
Number 7 key feels bitter when
I use it to type. It mocks me. Hastens
my resistance to progress. Stay the same.
Don't change your underwear! Be the
eternal child caressing the dream of
being an adult. Be man and stand
for everything that is regressive. Possess
the beginning to undermine the end.
What is is boring. What was is boring.
What is to come, is boring.
Boring, boring, boring.
Reborn tombstones that
rattle their cages and confess
sins they make up as they go along.
Don't touch it! You'll go blind!
You'll find that the number 7 key
is never going to change. Not ever.

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