Unpublished pieces

Everyday a voice rises demanding   
 we bow down and worship the soldier. 
His uniform makes his cause just 
 and his guns makes him a man. 
Lines and lines of uniformed cowards 
   murdering their chosen enemies. 
Mouthing slogans of mindless drones, 
advocating killing for their causes. 
All pity the solider. 
All pity the career that plies on useless sheep 
who have failed in most areas of society. 
So we'll dress them up and put 
them in parades. We'll sing songs at them 
and brainwash them into thinking they 
are relevant and sincere. 
Soldier, how we must despise you. 
How we must share with you the 
         error of your thinking. 
Your uniform does not fool us. 
You are a legal murderer sanctioned by 
the government. 
You are a brainwashed cog working 
in the machinery of the capitalist system 
Die for the sake of the corporations. 
Kill for the price of your soul. 
Soldier, wake up. 
Open your eyes. 
Open your heart. 
Resist their mind control. 
Free yourself and, 
in doing so, free your victims. 
God bless the pacifist!

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