Sadly, All The Yesterdays Have Lead To No Tomorrows

Unpublished pieces

The air inside was stale. 
It smelt of burnt cigarettes 
and decaying values. 
Too long has the heart 
closed in upon itself. 
Each wound delivered infected 
yet more of the soul. 
Gathered inside were the 
reminders of love safely buried. 
Where would it be found in the face 
of so many decadent teardrops? 
Friends depart, families disagree. 
Relationships built on rock foundations 
turn ancient, crumble and turn to memory. 
Words of wisdom become tongues of paranoia. 
Where would the heart turn when 
what was once strong is now 
limp noodles of disappointments? 
The air outside was cold. 
It tasted of endings and 
unspoken testimonies of deceit. 
Too long was the mind 
contained within its own borders. 
Every sentence now spoken must 
be watched for unsavoury comments. 
Terms of loyalty are now 
mis-shaping memories of horror. 
Hearts once united as "one" are now 
divided into separate directions. 
Sadly, all the yesterdays have lead to no tomorrows. 
No more will voices be 
used as a chorus of agreement. 
Only shattered hope remains. 
Only fallen pride the answer. 
Too long have we monitored 
the channels of defeat. 
We were rooted in promises 
that were once made, but never kept. 
The end of unity is a brief 
moment in the light show of confusion.

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