I Heard You Sighing

Unpublished pieces

I heard you sighing when I was 
        ignoring you today. 
I wondered what your issue was. 
I wondered if I should care? 
You bore the heck out of me. 
Now that is a truth I would 
not have admitted before. 
You talk and my ears go numb. 
You smile and my heart curdles. 
Your clicking tongue holds no 
                  passion for me. 
I'd rather have sex with a piece of paper. 
I'd rather drive nails in my eyes. 
I heard you thinking when I was 
         pretending you didn't exist. 
Images of gallows sprung to mind 
   and I smiled at the mental image 
       of hanging you by the neck until dead. 
We could play cowboy justice, you see. 
It would mean so much to me! 
I have to accept that you will stay 
     until I figure out 
           how to chase you away. 

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