Prancing Silent

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Sunrise finds the heart aching to be unzoned,
uncalled for, distressed.
Plastering billboards with advertisements
of no discernible benefit to anyone.
Buy this, buy that. Feel this way
or that. Slip into phrases
that bound the eyes.
Seeing the blind walk
across the rushing of
the cars. Making it, surviving;
arriving two steps behind the
Useless verbs that are
understood only
by the symbols of
racing numbers
in a chart.
They bind the answers.
They control the end.
The beginning a vowel
expressed by cups of
tea in a bathroom.
Ugly signs that are
re-zoned for alternative
Homosexual men prancing
their silk perversions
on an unsuspecting room.

We always buy the latest
edition of the newspaper.
The headlines announce
the arrival of
the lies.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Published in "The Record". Feb. 2010

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