I Still Believe In Love And Peace

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I still believe in love and peace.
I tremble as I watch
the strange pattern of
flickering flags which
wave like shadows
in the windless night.
I am afraid of soldiers,
for though they speak of
victories and defeats,
I only know the murder
they perform for their flags.
Their words of patriotism
fall loosely upon
my ears.
I know they are the
words of passionless
men who would rain
destruction on innocent
I watch the news and
they are celebrating the
death of another young son.
I think only of the innocence
that this young man has
helped to destroy.
Foolish melodies of
national devotion that
play against the bitter
black of the war. Oh,
how the mighty powers of
this earth enjoy playing
their war songs!
Marching drums that beat
relentlessly upon the
sidewalks. Marching
boots that suppress the will
to be free. I understand only
that death is a phase we
will all go through and I
wonder what colour the
next life shall be.
I have no respect for the
warrior as he stands
in his uniform.
I know he represents
death and destruction
and it matters not to me
what flag he champions in
his madness.
I refuse to accept that
killing for a piece of
dirt is justified.
I am in disagreement
that war will bring
us peace. I am astonished
that this contradiction is
not seen for the lie it is.
There is sadness in
too many households
There is death on
too many streets.
I shut my eyes and pretend
that the soldiers have all
gone away and that the
world sits in terms of
peace without a gun
blasting in the sky.
I still believe in love and peace.

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Published in "Poetic Dreams" December 2009

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