Wait for the Whole Week to Begin Again

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Please don't wake me up when I'm sleeping,
it's easier to get by when not awake.
Leave all problems till Monday
let the weekend be what it is.

It's a morning and a night,
when the skin cream
is applied with
gentle touch.
I make the batteries last
till Sunday, and then I
wait for the whole week to begin again.

A silent bird without a song
waits on the balcony
with glazing thoughts.
Pretending that it is a cat
and it prowls
the streets at

Open another bottle of sherry.
Mix it with a bit of water.
Dilute the forgetting it brings.
And wait for the
whole week to begin again.

Let the fingers ignore
the scars from last
weeks' battles.
Just enjoy the two days away,
let the feathers
grow another time.

When the heat wave strikes
our eyes, and the boiling
water spills over, that is when
the light won't shine; and the
ringing phone will not stop.

Another week begins on Monday.
I'd just as soon pretend it never came.
Losing perspective in weekend daze,
let's just wait for the
whole week to begin again.

An ice cream sandwich melts
on the sidewalk. I step over it as
I wander around. My dog running at
my side, and the dark glasses on
for surrender.

Another living day in life. Living
like a hermit inside. Don't open
the door or answer the phone.
We'll just wait for the whole
week to begin again.

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Published in "Down in the Dirt" March 2010

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