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That's the soul's answer to the locked doors
that confront you in the path.
Open the eyes and see
the zero that has become you.
And when the danger comes, let the
forgetting become a mantra.
Let it flush away the diseases
of yesterday's disasters.
When the yellow sun shines, ignore
the grey skies that have
defined you.
Be the empty that you can be.
It's the solution to the
falling asleep at the wheel.
And when the pencil lead breaks,
sharpen the axes to begin
the hacking away.
Let the zone alarms arrive,
and make them the purpose
of your ashtray heart.
It's the most obvious solution
to the drowning of the
sense of being.
And when the rain starts to fall,
hold the radio
in your arms and let
the electricity
snapple your brainwaves.
Leave without saying goodbye.

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Published in "Down in the Dirt", April 2010

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