Waters Of Rebirth

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There was time when thoughts of rivers in full stream
Meant the entire world to me. I fell into the magic sight

Of waters running free. To me the liquid did seem
To enhance the world around me. Everything was right

As long as the waters glowed. Gathered in celestial light,
The streams of life confided me and I became a beacon

For thoughts gone astray. What I felt was right was good
As long as I believed in it and my vision was seeking

The path to relief. Looking through the tangled woods
I realized the world would change. All the fickle dreams

Would become real stones. The stones would weigh me
Down and I would try and uncover them, but it only seems

Like a solution when the waters recede into tunnels to be
Caught in waves of pain in their glittering facades of doubt.

The flowers on the shore would wither and I would see
The grass turning brown as I learned to painfully shout

My submission to the change. A rainbow must begin
Where every shadow falls in silence and the light of day

Becomes a beacon of solitude. In the hassle of a sin
I become a rock of solid waste and never let me say

That the end is nearby. I crawl into a fatal shell of empty
Serenity, which when I open it becomes a dribbling day

Of defeats. Inside my tussled head lies a vision of me
That I recognize as being from the shallow earth.

I reach behind my back to find a never-ending sound
That blisters inside my head signaling my cosmic rebirth.

I am drawn into the waters and it seems I am upward bound
Into the memory of starry night gone flat into the mire.

There is a rustling in the leaves that can only be my mind
As I create a world of new in which I will begin to inspire

The signaling of the end for the hope I might find.
And this becomes my enemy, this becomes my birth.

I am renewed through the waters of life; waters of pain
That begin to fossil playfully upon the aging earth

Where I collect the shadows of the newly falling rain.
Standing alive, I am the boy that became the man.

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Published in "Poetic Dreams" December 2009

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