And So I'm Sitting On a Chair

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And so I'm sitting on a chair
wrapped in my house-coat.
Smoking a joint
escalating the impossible.
Mind flutters from
thought to thought
and I think
I'm going to grow
some perfect
The dog is sleeping.
The cat is outside.
The kids are at school
and the fish
are complaining
about their
I leave my chair.
Stand on the floor!
Isn't that amazing!
Peek through the blinds
on the shimmering
Outside looking in
is some sort
of alteration.
Reminds me that
everything changes
and then goes
right back
to where it
was in the
Why do we always
keep running into
the same people?
Why do we
always float
back and forth
the same opinions?
And so I
sit back on my
chair and
a cigarette.
I don't have
to conform
if I
don't want to.

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Published in "P&W (Poetry and Writing" 2010

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