Move On

Storytime for those in pain

for those being driven almost insane

what you seek is out there

the only thing to set you free somewhere

we've all been in painfull positions

spare our feeling by detatching from the situation

emotional sacrafice is the most feared traight

living each day, existing in restraints

let loose, sieze the day!

How can i? i cant even have my say!

we all know what it's about

move on, let it all out

pain is there forever and always

but running from it isnt nessicarily the way

its there, right where you left it

let it drag you down if you will

never having dreams and life fulfilled

always looking for that acceptance

always searching for life's balance

move on, live a little

move on, its not all that hard

life's greatness isnt that far

stop searching, look around you

take pleasure in what you have

not what you want to achieve

itll come to you one day, when you least expect it

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