Hidden Essence

The dark side is calling,

As it always has

Wrongful actions dwelling

Only a glimpse it last

Freedom of expression lies

A hungry beast untamed

Forbidden images creep,

Tempting for me to claim

I want that sweetness

The greatest experience alive

My battered, torn soul

These images have revived

Essence of my desire burns

The flames silently roaring

Every forbidden taste stolen

His ways send me soaring

A glimpse of heaven or hell

Each gift a blessing

There’s no sure way to tell

Timeless lessons push warnings

From everywhere I turn

Lies the past’s scorning

He holds the healing blood within his veins

My one true love there

Offering the side I’ve always craved

Hidden essences of the true evil lie

In a deceiving angel’s outfit

My darling, in you my needs arise

A taste taken, once offered it seals

Addicted to you I am,

As with you I’ve finally began to heal

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