If only

Oh, what a beautiful world I would see

Without these chains, this technology

Oh, how free my eyes would soar

If I see nature in its core


Oh, what a wondrous dream this life would be

Without these electric lights, that are blinding me

Oh, what a splendid journey our hearts would embrace

If we were allowed, to roam the grass-field’s space


Oh, what a rigid world this has become

Nowhere to run, hidden inside this mind

Hiding behind these empty smiles

Running away from my damaged soul


Oh, a nature’s utopia I see

Spreading its arms around the world free

Our hearts dancing with the spirit of love

Limited to none, open to music above


Oh, if only I could taste, what true life is

Soaring across the grass fields and orchids grown

Letting my inner child show colors

Not seeing the world in dull shadows shown

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