The note, of a Sufi

The note, of a Sufi

Not taking sides
I believe in this, I don’t believe in that
Not caught in the game
Of saying this is true, that is not

Not blaming others
For the problems of the world
Putting words into the mouth of God
Idolizing others for what they’ve done
Or who they thought themselves to be

Not criticizing people for their faith
Nor those who go against it
I just watch, with presence
With love, of all that surrounds

Not hating others for what they think
Nor what they cling to
Just flowing with the breeze
Of smiles, and the ever-present joy
Of life

Not letting scriptures of the past
Paint my view of God
Nor claiming any human, the ones who
Breathed, and saw, like us, to be my prophet, my messenger

All I am, is a fool, in love
With this dream, this flow of moments
Not fearing God, by the words
Of the past, of others, but instead
Loving him, remembering him,
As the being, that hovers throughout
The unknown