This right here is a little story

Of a tragedy, triumph, confusion, and glory

The pain in my heart is one I can't stand

And it was all caused by the love of a man

I fell deep in love that made many worry

But deep in my heart it was kind of a glory

To find a man with such graceful ease

One who was considerate and always said please

He brought my life so much joy

And I realized I could love no other boy

He showed me his love in every possible way

And pledged his undying devotion each and everyday

And finally came the day with joyous triumph

My eyes filled with tear and my throat formed a lump

My last name was only to be sacraficed

For my wonderful love asked me to be his wife

Invitations went out right away

And things were added on everyday

My love stood by my side, a smile on his face

Any sign of misfortune he left without a trace

Then came the day he met my friend

Little did I know my happiness was soon to end

I couldn't shake my confusion

And it felt like it was all an illusion

I confronted my love and my friend

But they denied it over and over again

My mind was creating a delusion

And finally I came to the tragic conclusion

My wedding canceled, the gifts sent back

The engagement ring burned, and my love, a slap

Everybody got over it, but couldn't they see?

To me this incident was a terrible tragedy

His new fiance, no longer my friend

A broken heart, that's never to mend

The answer I don't think of unless I must

I never thought those who'd hurt me, were th one's I'd trust

This story, which is sad, has to finish sometime

So here I leave off to drink my wine

This story is true, can you tell from the start

The story of the man who broke my heart

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This didn't happen to me, but it felt like it did

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