Sonnet #1

My love for you is likely dangerous,

It’s kind but difficult to understand.

Your love for me is unlikely ageless,

It shakes my heart but still warm is my hand.

I am an addict of your cheated love,

My addiction’s rough but my love’s still real,

I fall to the ground and cry to above,

How is it that these are the things I feel?

You take my love and use it profusely

To your advantage while I lay lifeless,

You think I’m lying and take this loosely,

But I speak the truth, not to your likeness.

You don’t love me, but I’ll keep loving through,

‘Til death finds my heart, my heart is with you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Shakespearean inspired sonnet I wrote a while back. It's whatever, haha. 

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