@ 27.055 MHz: Ad Astra; The Poet, Vergil, Loved A Juvenescent

You know he sees, and will see, other lovers:

this is a fact someone your age discovers

about young men his age:  more than annoyance,

it comes with loving juvenescent buoyance.

But if you love him well, you must forebear

to criticize, complain, deplore or quiz

him to account, or else explain, all his

encounters' amorous activity.

Accept this as a hard reality

you can never adjust, alter, or change;

for that would likely distance or estrange

him:  he would take it as crass jealousy,

rejecting you more quidkly than a dare.

Accept your time with him for what it is.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

For those who may be concerned, the young man loved by Vergil, although fictive, has attained the age of legal consent in your state.

History tells us that Vergil was a lover and connoisseur of beautiful young men.  That apparently has not harmed his reputation as an epic Poet or as a pagan prophet of Christ's advent (in his Fourth Eclogue).

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