My body is-


my body is the octopus trap in the depths of a tensious sea 

I hide in my body because it feels like it suits me

but my body is not my body no matter where the waves take me

my body is not my body because it was not meant to be

my body can be changed though, through a tough  battle won by few

my body will bemy body , anew


the source of night-


the haven of purples and blacks wrap around me as the hours pass

i am the world and its caretaker 

kiss my sleepy head and let my hair down because as its caretaker watches me it will be safe and sound. 

the source of night is the love of a caretakers joy because he has found


I am- 


I am a child. 

I am but a child so please be gentle with me 

my age says differently but I promise you 

I am a child

I am a child who needs his fathers hand to help me move

I am a child and I dont know what to do 

I am a child whose seen acts of vial vruelty and begin kindness

I am a child whos fought wars waged behind eyelids as metal presseing aganisgt my earlobe

I am a child 

I shouldnt be a child


A love letter to someone elses hands-



Your hands have held mine and made me feel welcome when my own heart left me crippled and wouldnt speak

my best friends hands are my favorite things to feel over . worn from work and trying acts your hands that touch me have done more for me then the mind could imagine. your hands have soothed me, enraged me, given me booze to drink, youre hands hold my world i think. 



I saw the future and in it... I was proven wrong. 

being a pessimist is the worst kind of prediction but it was the first thought when i woke up this morning

I thought yea for sure this will be the day that kills it

this isthe day the world proves it hates me

and it some ways it doesn whether it be an assignment that i didnt pay attention to the lecture for the swollen cheek i get as the first hello from my grandfather 

but in the future its never as bad as it truely seems to be i wake up todays the day got to bed surely tomorrow, but when you boiling it down its reallynot all that bad. i prove myself wrong everyday by commited a memorable image to a page in a sketch book from neverland. 

I can never truely understand why Its neverland and not wonderland because I wonder, man what all it would take for me to finally snap somedays I feel like pushing myself but then i just get


of literally everything beause im sorry but I can only beat the Elite 4 so many times before l start leveling up Bidoofs becasue theyre the only pokemon that its already impossible to control because because unlike in life i know all the cheat codes. even on easy mode it would take me years to finish it because i getting really fucking bored and I start walking around forget what Im doing in the kitchen 


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