She's my Oak, my tall dead oak.

My first girl friend was cold and fragile

but soft

a love of mine for two years 

I felt if I held her to tight she would crumble

and her crumbs would fall over my arms

like her hair did 

so I held her

her hair only to be described like the straight bark on a dead tree



and by the time the sun turned back round again 

she found out she wasn't gay

and I was left 

had her heart for a day 

she had mine for next year 

I still drink on it 

though now I am a man 

and another like me, lays as my heater for a large portion of a long while 

he is my energy, my kai


she still regulates my tempature

when I get heated 

from the fighting

I do that sometimes

she never liked it 

when I wound up in the ring

come out battered and often with hemorrhage

she never tried to stop me

still doesn't 

my tree still comes to every meet

ever tournament 

like shes to stand gaurd of me

like she's my one man cheer squad but nothing short of a mad couch 

like I was Rocky,

squaring up for a match at the heavy weight championships

tells me if I lose shes going to jail for a fellony

'cause shes not afraid to kill a mother fucker if they even touch me


she keeps me level headed 

my best friend 

I still find her bark in my bed

she comes over too often for me to ever get rid of it

its like her signiture 

and if he leaves

I'll be left with only my wants in life

after all

shes all I've got left.


My oak and I


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Fixed this piece up, Tell me what you think 


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