Got Nowhere To Go

May 2010


I need all of this, to get through the night,
constant lip lock with a Dragon, constant fog with windows shut,
simple cough is all that will suffice, mood with music feels right,
swung thousands of swords at me, and all you managed was one cut.
Tell me that you feel, tell me New Years can repeat,
then tell me nothing can presently, then rarely tell me a word for weeks,
yell in the mirror, what doesn't she see in this man with two feet,
standing right before you, I feel so damaged and weak.
Stuck inside this world, trapped in the sea of smoke,
never will I let myself be caught, so I plan and go through,
there is always a way out, even if you've got nowhere to go,
one glance from you, is enough to forever soak,
my mind slideshows your face, never do I get ill of seeing you,
never will I accept a gift, but this one I wish you would bestow.
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