Once More, Less Top

May 2010


I'm floatin in the clouds, poppin random peoples wishes,
playin flip cup on the rings of Jupiter, use the Moon as a pongball,
going on 2 months, the sweet aroma still covers my room,
losing weight while i mingle with prisoners, playin basketball with the sun.
Leavin my house, skatin past bud row and oak,
liftin off by 81's bleachers, swimmin in the sea of treetops and roofs,
like a rid I always automatically land, with my pen on paper,
take off for a second time, just to float in my room.
Close my windows, lock my door,
impossible to glide outside, while exits are sealed,
fly around in my room, never think of the future,
what room is there for worrying, takes away flyin space.
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