Aiming for the Water

May 2010


I feel like I am wishing for rain, while walking through a desert,
wishing for the calm, while drops of water beat at the sea,
you are my heaven, and I will wait until I make paper wings,
because my soul needs some cleaning, and you are too sweet.
Force tears from the cough, my nose has become a waterslide,
most nights I hardly sleep, because I feel like a bridge collapsing into a river,
yet I fear to you I am nothing more than a pebble weakly splashing in the water,
I am overcome with the amazement of how I feel, yet I know that we are nothing more than a thought.
I need to change my view, see the world in shades of gray,
this way next time I see brightness like yours, it will be a sea of dark gray instead of warm orange,
you will just stay a friend, a dispute between bests is not my intention,
simply remember I will always catch your hand, when you find yourself drowning in the rapids.
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