Another Gift Under

May 2010


Why do I expect the best, and hope for the worst,
I chose to put others in front, now I keep myself first,
why do I wish to be cold wine, so you would hold me,
easily I would grow on you, there could be a romance in a comedy.
I am as cold as the bottom side of my pillows,
still to this day I think the same, and I have yet chose,
regret as my emotion, you make me hyper to the point,
that I fall to the floor in excitement, never do you disappoint.
No matter how short our talks are, I am lucky just to linger,
the wound was never so bad, it was only the stinger,
you forced quick healing, you enthuse me warm,
I will always aim to fly, instead of walk around in this storm.
You make me dance when no ones watching, you make me feel a way I've never felt before,
I love how we have a strong freindship, so keeping in contact is never considered a chore,
every time I hear your name, my heart takes quicker pauses,
my body becomes warm and overcomforting, just like a performer during his applause.
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