I Miss You, It Exists In You

May 2010


To see the way we talk now, even thought just talking is a gift,
you do something to me, that I can not even try to describe,
hope it won't be wrong, to say that I miss you,
we talk better without contact, I fear your nerves get the best.
You've been home about 2 weeks, and I am wasting away,
yet it feels like you've been gone, sp please bring us back to before,
I care so much which is why, I say I miss you,
wish I knew where the heart lies, does it exist in you?
Well I could twist this, change my life right to bliss,
even with Chris, I will never chris cross this,
does the cigar fit, do you even get my diss?
got down on all fours for him, kitty getting pet decides to hiss,
forget about the real kiss, adding you to the shit list,
fell for you the hard way, landing in a fake abyss,
felt that something was amiss, on the day you chose to dismiss,
and in you it exists, because of you the push will insist,
my feelings for her will persist, it would be remiss of me to give up,
but you are so nervous, and I am so nervous,
that you will catch me, too hot so you just toss,
well I will not be out of line, to say I miss you,
we should go back to just talking, instead of thinking too much.
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