Love Only Yourself

May 2010


The night I was born, the moon turned quickly to it's back side,
refused to see such a child, so it refused to shine it's borrowed light on me,
each night of my birthday is the same, each night I cried,
and during the day I am burned, seems on my the sun and moon agree,
I would attempt to use a mirror system, but no matter how much I tried,
swimming tears in the darkness, is a daily guarantee.
I now only love myself, sick of it being handed out and mistreated,
you can't let yourself down, your sole purpose is something to believe in,
no matter how much you feel for someone, never feel incompleted,
only then will fog and failure, take their toll as they each begin,
I have already dealt with personal punishment, and many years of deceit,
these roads never felt so alone, must use the light from within.
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