Just Bust That Last

May 2010


i figure like the simple one before, it's something I keep in contrast,
always think up high, but aim down low,
for you I think I should bust that last, placing you firmly in the past,
I should pack up my things, leave and forever go.
Why would I fight to invite, when always I am rejected,
you can have your fun, as long as it's apparently without me,
why desire to aspire, seems my wound has yet again been infected,
starting to charge for my services, happiness always had it's fee.
Alone I can knock down like Jimi, with the edge of my hand,
seems you just stood in my way, I wish I didn't but I must,
I wanted for something to happen, but now our ship must disband,
I used to dream in the present, now it's horizon or bust.
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