Missing Pick

May 2010


Never felt so different, strumming these metal chords,
where have you gone, these other picks were never as adored,
the music seems to curmble, as the melody takes a turn for the worst,
seems you came into my life musically, simply to disappear during the chorus.
I grab another, try to get used to the new feel,
yet nothing seems less wrong, all seem too real,
I need my unreal orange pick, grip compared to none other,
hard to let the butterflies fly out, without you there is no reason to flutter.
Green will have to do for now, even though it keeps slipping,
just wait until later tonight, when my room I will be flipping,
cleaning it up and down, hoping to find,
the one tool I need, to fully clear out my mind.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this about my guitar pick... i actually found it months later and still have it to this day

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