Does Space Need A Title?

May 2010


So this is what Jupiter feels like, I feel like I've flown to Pluto and back,
wish I could use those shooting stars, every single one I saw I whispered the same words,
take flight with some beautiful girls, companionship is a surplus must,
enjoy the companies assets, set my life on fire,
shooting through rainbows like you, flying through clouds like me,
knocking aside meteors like them, to get to a planet like all three,
sick as a dog from chasing with juice, but never do I vomit lies,
still need more fire, always bring a Jimi to fry,
does space need a reason, it doesn't even need a title, it doesn't contain slack,
silences all sound mute, so whatever we say or do will not be heard,
it takes enough gun powder like me, and fire like you to finally combust,
fly through the skies with you, the admire I feel for you is my desire.
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