May 2010


I am moving and turning under the covers, lately I am restless,
I must find the problem, only then can it be assessed,
I walk into the church, dip my fingers to be blessed,
I may not fit the part, I may be underdressed,
I need something to believe in, my life is just a mess,
I don't feel like losing my cool, and ending up in the press,
I don't need the extra attention, all it adds up to is more stress.
I reach out in the darkness, as someone starts to caress,
I don't know my location, nor my address,
I look to see any light on her face, as she starts to confess,
I recognize the voice, keep my own quiet and suppressed,
I imagine running to her, with a lovers finesse,
I have so much to look forward to, so many feelings to express,
I only looked to better myself, hoping you I would impress.
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