Flashing Light Bulb

May 2010


Whoever created us, gave us two hands to hold and two feet to walk,
yet only one heart, that was given to someone else,
and that someone we have to find, in order for 100% completion to unlock,
stamina is never an issue with us, yet not for those who only look out for themselves.
Wrods written in March, and read in May,
so much left to never read, so much to never know,
so many emotions to say, so many dreams to display,
if I would have known words erase favors, I would've spoke up a while ago.
It's a shame that the last you read, was the last of red anger and sadness,
I still have more ammo in the minigun, know I refill from the feelings that were yours,
question is did you ever get anything for my parents, utter self-loathing madness,
always let the dogs out to walk, while you stayed indoors.
I used to think the problem, was I was the only one laying my head down alone,
then I began to realize it wasn't anyones problem, but mine, thinking was too slow,
you used to make my bedrock, just like you did on my phone,
now your name isn't proper in my grammar, just the human version of a typo.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

i dont hate the person this was written about... i was just angry and hurt back then, and when someone writes with those feelings it comes out as hateful

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