Long for No More Goodbyes

January 2010

It took a bunch of arguing, to drown my face in tears,
I still can not think our current situation, it truly is my biggest fear.
I must make this long walk, alone and on my own two feet,
I long for the day our roads again intertwine, it will be the greatest meet.
At least you had some pity, and did not use the words "we are done,"
why must the "one" help spell, the ending of undone.
I honestly do not know, if I would want us to reunite,
you have poured too much water on our fire, now it refuses to reignite.
I need to take it easy, and use what I am given,
the happiness should make me move forward, and always keep me driven.
I have never felt so incomplete, ever since we have been apart,
I lost the biggest part of me, on that night you did depart.
The love I had is shrinking, this is a painful fact I know,
I wish I could go back, to the time it started to grow.
Sick and tired of heartbreak, so angry with all the goodbyes,
I long for my face to stay dry, and I am sick of the water in my eyes.

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