Nothing but a Dream

January 2010

You were the scissors in my life, only there to cut the thread,
that keeps me parallel to sadness, now there are zig zags up ahead.
I no longer intertwine, and it is extremely difficult to see,
the man who used to be happy, that man who used to be me.
Love always ends up bad, because there is never a spare,
there are no third wheel love triangles, only a beautiful pair.
It is hard to hear my thoughts, when I can not find my heart beat,
and nothing seems to feel the same, I miss the taste of sweet.
There is no excitement in my life, I long to find a spark,
it sucks that love has scarred my heart, and left more than a mark.
Girl we were so happy, we trusted each other, we were so close,
we started off so slowly, but we proved that love truly grows.
But from going comes decline, of my poor self esteem,
now I look back at the two if us, and it seems like nothing but a dream.

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