No More Destination

January 2010

There is always going to be something, that I somehow fail to know,
but the worst was the realization, that you truly wanted to go.
I never could have imagined, that you and I were destiny,
yet the second I began to believe it, we automatically ceased to be.
Sick of all the heartbreak, sick of all the mind games,
you never will know how bad this hurts, until you have felt all this pain.
But I knew somehow I still love you, even after what you have put me through,
I would never have it any other way, even though there is nothing left to do.
It has been months and months, add on a whole lot of days,
and I still think of ways for us to be fixed, there seems to be so many ways.
You used me like a chess piece, move one space forward to spare your pawn,
and let your selfishness knock me over, and from the chess board I am forever gone.
There is only one more request, one more reason for me to say please,
I wish we could talk like we used to, and for there to finally be some peace.
I can take this cut, you hurt me and fill me with frustration,
my GPS no longer detects you, and I lost any future destination.

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