Daily Happenings

February 2010

Why should he get to hold you, why does he get to kiss you,
why must I be the one who daily thinks of you, why must I daily miss you,
why must I picture you dancing, or sitting in your computer chair,
why must I fight not to see you, why must I act like i do not care?
Why must I work where you live, and always catch glance of your window,
why must Valentines day be upsetting, since now i am flying solo,
why cant you never smile at me, kills me with its beauty,
I hate that I need your embrace, wish loving you was once again my duty.
you left and I got freedom, you simply got happiness,
not my fault redo is in there with an extra e, never to happen to me again is my wish,
this pain I do not want to bare again, it is crippling and too much,
I continuously look for love in all the wrong places, I am sick of beating around the bush.
Every morning feels like rain, falling into New York City's light,
a daily tear I shed for you, with every passing night,
breathing heavy with each step I take, my emotions like waves that always crash,
my time is wasting away, as my sadness beats at my hour glass.

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