Surprise Down the Street

January 2010

I was once in love, with a girl who seemed so sweet,
felt so strongly about her, I even moved right down the street.
But this love was more like a casino, far more play than fair share,
your cards make papercuts, and my heart is stabbed by your stare.
Yet I still manage to find someone, who always makes me warm,
I never feel fake around her, and I more than adore her charm.
She is so beautiful, and never to me has she not been nice,
she will always come to me, whenever she needs guy advice.
New years was the night, I still wish I knew the way,
back into your lip locking embrace, and to rewind back to that day.
Life is so confusing, but it seems I found a secret treat,
and it is funny that in the end, from you I am still down the street.

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