Three Cheers for New Years

January 2010

Life throws you curveballs, some that seem impossible to hit,
but sometimes you gotta put the square in the circle, even when it seems it will not fit,
I swung at my own screwball, and on New Years it was a miss,
three cheers for New Years, and for the girl I kissed.
It honestly does seem wrong, but still I feel your touch,
I know I will forever hate myself, and it will never seem too much,
but you looked so beautiful in 09, and in 2010 you looked amazing,
so I stared you in the eyes, and made sure you heard what I was saying.
The second we connected, I wished our lives were intertwined,
and as we paused between the kisses, I wished that you were mine,
you mean too much to me, which is why I will never speak,
of the confessions we told each other, and the goodbye kiss on the cheek.
Sometimes life throws you curveballs, and you taught me to always swing,
because even if I am missing, watching it pass by is not my thing,
and honestly who knows, we will always keep in touch,
and whenever one of us is emotionally crippled, the other will always be their crutch.

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